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Here you will register to attend camp, and give meal preferences and ride offers/needs. You will also be able to add family members to your registration! If you have any questions about the registration process, please contact our registrar: Fred Maslan registrar@rainycamp.org. You can also leave a message for Fred at 425.998.6134.

Camper rates for 2020 are:
  Early Non-Member Early Member After Dec 15
Adult 31+ $165 $155 $170
Young Adult
$145 $145 $150
$145 $145 $150
$100 $100 $110
Saturday Day Only $75 $75 $75
Sunday Day Only $75 $75 $75
* Seattle Folklore Society discount is on full price tickets only. All other ticket levels are already discounted.
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Friday Dinner
Friday dinner, like the rest of the meals, will be catered by Lake Retreat. The Friday dinner is optional and will add $10 per person onto the fee. That is cheaper than you can eat out and you will be kicking off the weekend by enjoying a great dinner with singing friends!

Yes, we want dinner on Friday
Yes, but we will be later than 7:30pm; please box it
No, we do not want Friday dinner

Total for dinners:
Campership Donation
We provide camperships every year to many campers who would not otherwise be able to afford camp. Please consider donating to our campership fund so we can make camp affordable to everyone!
Donation Amount
Other Requests
I would like to lead a workshop (Up to three)
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Seattle Folklore Society Membership
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Family Membership at $25/year.
Individual Membership at $20/year.
Student or Senior(65+) Membership at $15/year.
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